Investment Strategy

The Responsible Entity has embarked on an investment strategy designed to minimise the risk to income both now and in the future. The risk has been reduced through the inclusion of multiple properties, multiple tenants and varying lease conditions.

Generally, distributions from property trusts rely heavily on solid occupancy levels. In order to maximise occupancy levels the Responsible Entity focuses on establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with its tenants. The Responsible Entity also actively seeks to identify opportunities with the existing tenants to negotiate early lease extensions in order to extend the weighted average lease profile of the portfolio.

It is the Responsible Entity’s intention to continue to expand the Trust through future property acquisitions. The addition of further properties is intended to further minimise the risk to the income stream and also assist in maintaining high levels of tax advantaged distributions. All future acquisitions will be subject to strict investment criteria.

As the Trust grows, the Responsible Entity will continue to target a portfolio weighted towards strong, quality tenants and long leases with strong after tax returns. The Responsible Entity does not, take into account labour standards for the purpose of selecting, retaining or realising an investment of the Trust and does not, take into account environmental, social or ethical considerations for the purpose of selecting, retaining or realising an investment of the Trust.