Frequently Asked Questions

How do I to invest?

To invest you will need to fill out an application form contained in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or Information Memorandum (IM). Applications can only be made on these forms and must be accompanied by a cheque.

Please call us on +61 3 6234 4413 to request a copy.

Who is allowed to invest?

GDA Property Trusts (the Trust) are generally available to both retail and wholesale investors (as defined by the Corporations Act) including superannuation funds.

Who manages my investment?

GDA Securities Pty Ltd holder of AFSL Licence #233013 manages your investment. GDA may outsource a number of its functions to related companies in the GDA Group.

All assets and monies of the Trust are held by a Custodian Sandhurst Trustees Ltd ( ACN 004 030 737).

How is income distributed?

Income from the Trust is paid directly into your nominated bank account monthly or quarterly depending on which Trust you have invested with, generally within 15 days of the end of the relevant period.

What is the nature of a GDA Securities Property Trust?

Each investor becomes a part-owner of the property owned by the Trust with voting rights as described in the Constitution. By submitting an application for units you are agreeing to be bound by the Constitution of the particular Trust.

Can I withdraw my money? 

Although our aim is to pay regular income, investment in GDA Property Trusts are generally illiquid and you should assume that you will not have any access to your invested money for the term of the Trust other than by way of distributions.

Can I transfer my units?

We could not unreasonably withhold consent to a complying transfer.

As transferring unlisted securities can be a complicated process please phone +61 3 6234 4413 or email so we can help you complete the transfer of unit forms required.

Please get professional advice regarding your stamp duty obligations. If stamp duty is applicable it must be paid prior to the transfer of units.

The transfer is effective only once registered by us.

Do I get regular updates?

Communicating with Investors

We endeavour to provide a consistently high quality of reporting and service. Investors will receive the following communications, unless they elect otherwise:

  • Transaction confirmation advice confirming details of the initial issue, transfer of Units or change of details
  • A distribution statement setting out distribution details
  • An annual financial report and tax statement forwarded within 90 days of the end of each financial year
  • An annual Unit holding statement providing details of your investment in the Trust
  • Regular updates will be provided on the activities of the Trust via Website disclosure


Website Disclosure

We have adopted ASIC’s good practice to continuous disclosure as set out in ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 198 and publish copies of up-to-date documents or information at This will include (but not be limited to):

  • Disclosure Principles and Benchmarks as required by ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 46 ‘Unlisted property schemes – Continuous disclosure obligations’
  • Annual financial report as lodged with ASIC
  • Half yearly financial report as lodged with ASIC

These documents will also be posted out free of charge to Unitholders upon request.