Personal Financial Planning Team

We firmly believe that it is our strategic financial advice which provides the greatest benefits to you as our client. We choose to hold our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) because of the benefits for you.  This allows us to be more flexible in the advice and financial planning strategies we offer to you, and therefore truly tailor our strategies to you and your goals.

GDA is structured to provide a complete service.  We seek to provide:

  • Strategic advice and investment recommendations specifically tailored to you and your family
  • A service that is both efficient and cost effective
  • A service that ensures your interests as a client of the firm are always paramount

Wealth creation is not about setting up a strategy or an investment account and then leaving it, hoping nothing changes.  Our team will keep you on track to achieving your goals by regularly reviewing your strategies, based on complexity and need.  This allows us to make sure your financial planning strategies continue to take account of changes to your personal circumstances and to investment markets, superannuation rules, taxation, social security and the economy.

GDA’s financial advice and financial planning service offering is comprised of the following:

Personal Investment Strategies to Build Your Wealth

GDA can assist you in creating wealth.  We construct portfolios tailored to your goals and structure your investments to maximise wealth while minimising costs and taxes.  Importantly, we do this for you as the investor and not for the benefit of others.

The key to your success as our client is our ability to deliver on strategies genuinely designed in your best interests.  Because of this all of our strategies are tailored to your personal goals and investment mindset.

To design a strategic wealth creation plan and construct a portfolio that shifts the fundamentals of investment success into your favour we will work with you as follows:

  1. Initially, we will sit down with you to discuss and determine your fundamental financial desires and investment preferences.
  2. Together we will then refine your desires into measurable and achievable goals and objectives.  In addition we will determine with you the balance between your priorities – for example whether the level of retirement income you will need to enjoy your retirement is a higher priority than how long you will need your retirement income to last for.
  3. Finally, through our ongoing investment education we will demonstrate how the principles of investing shape the outcome you achieve.  In addition we will show you how these principles can be used to make markets and investment work for you.

Once your portfolio is in place we will meet with you regularly to manage and update your investment program.  We do this to ensure that you reach your goals, whether increasing retirement income or superannuation investment growth.  Most of all the key is to make sure that you are not taken off track.

Managing Investments for Retirement Income

Now you have done all the hard work in preparing and saving for retirement! The last thing you want to see is a “good plan” come undone because of changing circumstances. Often retirement plans are undone by changes in legislation – including taxation, superannuation and social security.   If you also add to this impaired investment markets, missed opportunities and your own changing financial requirements, then the potential is high your plans to miss the mark if they are not up-to-date.

In order to keep you on track and maintain your security and peace of mind we look to establish a regular review process.  Because this is tailored to you, it is designed to incorporate expected events and allow for adjustments for unexpected changes.

Should you or a member of your family qualify, we will also assist you in maximising any social security entitlements and/or Federal Government assistance programs which may be available to you.

Providing for Your Loved Ones

In life we look after our loved ones as well as ourselves.  Many of us believe that a Will and an estate plan are one and the same. Because of this it is not uncommon to miss opportunities that benefit your loved ones.  Implementing a sound and considered estate plan ensures your wishes are achieved tax effectively and with minimal stress to beneficiaries.

Estate planning is more than just having a Will. GDA is a family office with specialised structuring, investment, financial planning, taxation and retirement advisory capabilities.  We have the expertise to establish a sound estate plan to protect your legacy and loved ones.

In many cases a Will may be inadequate to achieving your wishes in the event of death, or mental or physical disability.  The range of other tools available – including Testamentary Trusts, Reversionary Pensions and Powers of Attorney – can prove to be very effective in ensuring your express wishes are followed.

We offer a service where we:

  • Review your estate planning requirements on an annual basis or as your circumstances change. For example death of a loved one, divorce, marriage, or birth of a child or grandchild.
  • Maintain an up to date register of all relevant documents.  This includes insurance policies, assets, and liabilities that may need to be attended to over time.
  • Manage the process with the legal fraternity with regard to the establishment of legal documents such as Wills, Testamentary Trusts and Powers of Attorney.
  • Manage the investments of an estate on an ongoing basis until such time as the beneficiaries are entitled to, or wish to, receive the proceeds.

Where intergenerational wealth transfer and financial security are considerations we provide ongoing family office functions to children, grandchildren and dependents. This includes investment education and multi-generation planning strategies.

Strategies to Protect Yourself and Your Family

The common belief that “it won’t happen to me” often results in many people having a sound plan for creating wealth but not in case of disaster.  In the event of illness, accident or in the worst case, death, many either have no plan or one that does not fully protect their position.  In order to keep you on track to achieving your goals we integrate risk mitigation strategies with your overall wealth management plan.  This may involve insurance where necessary as well as tailored risk mitigation strategies.

Risk management and mitigation may include personal insurance. There are many different aspects to insurance. There is no “one size fits all” solution and we partner with a range of specialist underwriters to keep you front and center.  This allows us to tailor an insurance package that provides the right type and level of insurance for you within your budget.

We seek out the best policy terms and conditions in order to give you the optimal balance between cost and quality.  This provides our clients with greater confidence that they will be fairly treated when making a claim.

Aged Care Assessment Strategies

Assessing your eligibility for Aged Care, or that of your elderly relatives, can be both daunting and complicated. Our advisers have experience with:

  • Aged Care daily fees and accommodation payments
  • Centrelink and DVA assessments of assets and income for Aged Care
  • Centrelink and DVA assessments of Aged Care accommodation payments.

The benefits of drawing on our significant experience in this area are:

  • The ability to stay in your own home for longer, and be more comfortable while doing so
  • Confidence that your wishes will continue to be met
  • Managing the financial impact on your portfolio, while ensuring that you are secure long term
  • Assisting with multi-generational planning to ensure that you and your loved ones are not disadvantaged due to lack of expertise and knowledge in this area

In our experience, we have found that Aged Care is a matter that should not be handled alone.  Many people experience this only once and at a time of high stress. Lack of professional, external support often leads to many opportunities being missed.  In turn, costs may then be exaggerated and living standards not maintained.

Trusted Financial Advice Review Service

Are your current financial arrangements the best they could be?  

Do you really feel you are on track?

Is your current adviser really acting in your best interests or do some things just not sit right?

Do you feel the fees you pay are too high or that you are not getting any value?

We frequently assist the loved ones and friends of both new and long term clients.  We are always able to provide a frank and sound assessment of current arrangements without fear or favour.

Set Yourself Up for Financial Success

Our Young Professionals Program provides the framework for long term financial success and accumulation of wealth.  This also ensures that wealth and benefits bequeathed to family members become a foundation to success and not a crutch.

This program leverages our expertise and family office capabilities to deliver the following:

  • Educational program to provide the framework and understanding that are key to successful wealth management.  The program includes:
    • Key financial principles learned, re-learned and forgotten generation to generation
    • Core investment concepts – how the system works and therefore can work for or against you
    • Abnormalities in the current system – identifying opportunities
  • Tailored wealth management plan to meet upcoming goals.  Includes supporting crucial first career steps, career advancement, first home and/or first property investment.  Medium term goals may be preparing for having a family, building your own business or managing the financial implications of extended travel.
  • Implementation of a wealth building strategy.
  • Construction of a principles based investment portfolio.
  • Long term planning and future steps – identifying the critical points of action to maximise pivotal events.

The financial educational components that form the core of this program are the result of our team’s dedication to the long term financial success of our clients.  We believe that the right financial advice is uniquely able to help people achieve the life that they wish to live.  This is the core reason for us holding our own licence.