Managed Discretionary Account Services

GDA offers a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) investment service with a number of well managed underlying portfolios. Each portfolio is constructed and managed on a model portfolio basis for investors.

All of the portfolios we manage on the behalf of our clients have the following features:

  • Allow the account holder to maintain transparency and direct beneficial ownership
  • Focus on one or more specific investment outcomes
  • May range from conservative to growth investment risk tolerances
  • Are regularly reviewed
  • Are suitable for investors who want to take the worry out of managing a portfolio, while also achieving a targeted objective.

We will assist you in determining if a MDA service is appropriate for you and which portfolios are appropriate to manage your wealth.

What is a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA)?

A managed discretionary account (MDA) is a service where a portfolio of investments is maintained for you individually, not as a pooled investment.  You provide discretion to an investment manager to make decisions about the assets of the portfolio on your behalf. In this way, you delegate the day to day decision making within your investment portfolio.

Without a MDA service in place each time we propose an amendment to your portfolio your written approval is required, delaying the timely execution of your strategy. This can be impractical if you want your adviser to manage a portfolio of ASX listed investments as approval may need to occur in a very timely manner, or if you do not want to have to be involved in the day to day decisions of your portfolio.

The majority of financial services practices do not provide investment advice on ASX listed investments for one of a number of reasons which include, but are not limited to:

  • A lack of expertise in the area
  • Inability under their license to provide the service
  • Inability to provide the service in a timely and cost efficient manner for you as the client
  • The ability to offer listed investment services in a stock brokerage capacity only

All investment management decisions and portfolio administration is conducted from our offices in Hobart, Tasmania, and Melbourne, Victoria.