Our approach is open and transparent with a philosophy of diversification.  This is underpinned by a disciplined approach to asset allocation and individual asset class selection.  Our tailored approach allows us to provide the best investment advice for you, your family and your situation.

The filtering process applied to eliminate bad or inappropriate investments reinforces the effectiveness of our strategic advice.  Equally as important as the strategies and investments we recommend, are the strategies and investments we exclude from our recommendations to you.

With a targeted approach we construct portfolios from all the major asset classes: cash, fixed interest, property and equities. Investments in these asset classes can be domestic or international.  We are also able to provide advice on socially and environmentally responsible investments.

GDA’s investment committee meet on a regular basis to review investments our clients hold. Our investment committee consists of expert investment advisers and professionals in Hobart and nationally. We engage major research houses to further reinforce the quality and lack of bias in our initial investment selection.  All investments are filtered using quality hurdles by our investment committee before inclusion in our clients’ portfolios.

We are able to provide advice and assist in managing portfolios for individuals, self managed superannuation funds, family trusts, companies and charitable trusts.

Our financial advice and the investment advice strategies we construct for our clients may focus on the following (subject to your specific requirements):

  • Retirement income investment strategies
  • Wealth accumulation strategies
  • High yield income investments
  • Capital growth targeted investments
  • Ethical (social, environmental) portfolios
  • Or any combination of the above plus more!

These strategies may be implemented via various methods.  For example GDA offers three types of ways to manage your portfolio not typically available to most investors, these include:

GDA will work with you to create an objectives based personalised portfolio consistent with your risk tolerances and investment objectives. We firmly believe that portfolios need to be regularly reviewed to ensure they provide the best opportunity to achieve their investment objective. GDA offer a range of review services for personalised portfolios.

GDA have established and manage a number of Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA). These are constructed on a model portfolio basis for investors ranging between conservative and growth investment tolerances, and focus on a specific outcome as well as level of investment risk. These portfolios are reviewed on a regular basis and are suitable to investors who want to take the worry out of managing a portfolio, while also achieving a targeted objective.

Many investors understand the benefits of direct investment into residential property, however the majority of investors do not invest in commercial investment property despite the superior investment returns available.  The key reasons for this are:

  • High level of capital required – a ‘small’ commercial property may cost upwards of $2million, with ‘medium’ or specialised properties starting from $4-$5million.
  • Lack of liquidity – commercial properties generally take longer to sell than residential properties, and may take even up to several years to sell at a fair value

To help our clients overcome these key barriers GDA offers a range of solutions including syndication (where investors combine funds to invest in a single property as co-investors) and direct property trusts, which may hold one or more properties.

All properties and trusts are professionally managed, audited and regularly valued by professional valuers.