The Trust is an open-ended unlisted property trust that primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of direct property.  The Trust is designed to provide investors with the benefits of a long-term open-ended property trust while at the same time effectively providing the comfort of a rolling five-year trust.  It does this by incorporating withdrawal mechanisms to allow investors the opportunity to partially or fully withdraw their investment through a combination of Limited Three-Monthly Withdrawal Offers and Five-Year Liquidity Events.  The strategy of the Trust is to continue to grow funds and further increase the level of diversification within the portfolio, including increased liquidity through the introduction of investments in Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs).

The Trust consists of quality properties located across mainland Australia and Tasmania.  The tenancy profile is diversified across industrial and tourism and leisure.

The objective of the Trust is to provide Investors with strong and consistent income over the life of the Trust, combined with the potential for capital growth. The addition of properties is intended to further minimise the risk to the income stream and also assist in maintaining high levels of tax advantaged distributions.