Commercial Property Investment

GDA is an experienced fund manager specialising in commercial property investment and direct property management.  We have been involved with property syndication for over 22 years.

GDA Securities Ltd is a licenced Responsible Entity and has a track record of developing and managing high quality property investments. The directors and responsible managers have a diverse background and wide variety of skills.  Most importantly we have substantial experience in areas critical to the acquisition, management and ultimate sale of direct property.  This includes both residential property and commercial property.   Our skills encompass areas such as property acquisition, property management, financial analysis, loan structuring, marketing, capital raising and funds management.

Property Syndication – Pooled Direct Property Investment

Property syndication is generally achieved through a trust structure.  This allows investors to access commercial and residential property investments that are otherwise outside their financial reach.  Through this we can assist you to pool resources with other investors and achieve a stake in a commercial property.

The benefits of property syndication with us are:

  • Investing in property that would otherwise be outside of your reach if investing in property individually
  • Access to high value property – often with higher yields and growth prospects
  • Structure and clarity over the rights and responsibilities of investors
  • Professional support

Property Investment Management – Pooled Commercial Property Investment

Pooling your resources with other property investors via a commercial property fund allows you to access the benefits of commercial property investment.  Most critically, this gives you access to the greater scope for investment property earnings offered by commercial real estate investment.

The benefits of investing via our commercial property investment fund are:

  • Access to a portfolio of properties in diverse property markets and of different types – industrial, retail, office, leisure
  • The ability to purchase units in an established property fund at known values
  • The ability to take a smaller position relative to the cost of each property and the fund as a whole
  • Longer dated and higher yielding leases

Properties are chosen by our experienced property team that have potential for long term cash flow and capital investment growth.  Our property team actively manages these investment property assets.  This includes management of costs and outgoings, asset maintenance, and development opportunities to maximise rent and value.   We are also experienced at maintaining strong working relationships with tenants.

We provide clients and professional partners with an alternative way to invest in property via professionally managed unlisted property trusts.  Our open property trust provides unit holders with tax effective income on a quarterly basis.