Commercial Lending & Home Loan Advice

We understand that finding and obtaining suitable finance to meet your needs can be a daunting and confusing experience.

At GDA we focus on providing you with personal service and expert advice to help you find the best loan to meet your needs. With a large network of lending institutions at our fingertips, we can assist you in making a well informed decision.

Why use GDA as your finance broker?

Apart from providing choice and expert services, we are qualified professionals who work in the best interest of our clients and abide by a strict code of ethics. As part of our service to you, we strive to save you time and money and the heartache that can be involved in finding a suitable solution. Whether you are refinancing an existing loan, buying a new home, starting an investment property portfolio or adding to it, we will secure an appropriate loan that is right for you.

As a mortgage broker in Hobart with national relationships, we have access to a wide selection of lenders ranging from the big 4 banks to second tier banks, credit unions and other lenders.

Make Your Home Loan Work for You

Do you know if you have the best home loan in place for you and your family?

Has it been a while since your home loan was reviewed? If so, consider these questions:

  • Have you received a pay rise or cut?
  • Have you recently changed jobs?
  • Can you afford to make additional repayments?
  • Have you had an addition to your family?
  • Do you have a credit balance of over $5,000?
  • Are you thinking of renovating your home?
  • Are you thinking of buying a car?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, it’s time to review your home loan. You could uncover various options that could make your home loan work harder for you. Many of our clients have refinanced their loans and have reaped the benefits. Some have made their existing repayments go further while others have improved their cash flow.

Benefits of reviewing your home loan with us that our clients most often achieve are:

  • Lower home loan interest rates and/or easier to manage home loan repayments
  • Faster or more efficient repayment of your home loan
  • Confidence that your home loan and financial arrangements are working together
  • Knowledge that your home loan will be paid off as quickly as possible

Our Hobart home loan team enjoys helping people to not only have the most suitable home loan, but to also be on track to be mortgage free.  This is the benefit of a professional mortgage broker backed by expertise in personal financial advice.

Business & Commercial Investment Loans

Whether your business needs working capital, is ready for expansion, or is buying or upgrading plant and equipment, we will secure an appropriate business loan that is right for you and your business needs.
As a broker in Hobart with nationwide relationships, we have access to a wide selection of lenders ranging from the big 4 banks to second tier banks, credit unions and non-conforming lenders to assist you with all your business lending needs. We are also able to leverage our relationships and status as a provider of individual, business and tax advice for your benefit.

SMSF Lending – Investment Property Lending

Legislation allows investors to borrow funds within their SMSF to purchase property, subject to a range of conditions. SMSF’s are popular with self-directed investors who are looking to build their retirement savings. We have access to many lenders that can assist investors in this area and we can help you by providing the right credit advice for your SMSF needs.

As a team able to provide services including home and investment lending in Hobart as well as expertise in self managed superannuation funds and property investment, we are ideally placed to assist you.