Accounting, Tax and Financial Advisers – Professional Partners

We deliver our clients the best available support and advice in the management of their personal and financial affairs. This may be sourced from within the GDA Group or where appropriate through one of our Allied Professional Partners.

How GDA and Professional Partners Work for You

We most often work hand-in-hand with other professionals as follows:

  • Delivering an estate planning solution in partnership with a specialist legal professionals
  • Formulating and implementing an investment strategy with an existing stock broker
  • Providing details directly to your preferred accountant for preparation and lodgement of annual tax returns

While we offer a full range of financial advice, investment, tax and accounting services we are more than happy to work closely with other trusted professionals.  This is because our priority is always to deliver the best outcome for our clients.

How GDA Assists Professional Partners

We provide the following assistance and services to other professionals:

These services may range from providing a one-off piece of individual financial advice, or supplying portfolio administration services to a deceased estate, to delivering a comprehensive ‘white labelled’ SMSF administration service.

Why Professionals Partner with GDA

We are a self-licensed financial services provider and a self-managed superannuation fund specialist firm. This means that we are ideally placed to offer assistance to firms that offer services in one area or in a complementary field, such as estate planning or SMSF solicitors.   We are also experienced in multiple areas of regulation and so are well positioned to assist others to navigate changes to financial services licencing and regulation, for example accounting professionals coming to grips with the licensing options available to them following the repeal of the SMSF ‘accountants exemption’ in July 2016.

GDA has provided financial planning advice and property investment services from Hobart, Tasmania for over 20 years.  We have experience providing accounting and tax advice for over 30 years.